Chalkdown Cider is an elegant premium sparkling cider.  It's made from Hampshire apples that are hand-picked and sorted and then gently pressed to ensure the purest expression of fruit.  The cider is made slowly using the same 'traditional method' that is used to make fine sparkling wine. 

On the palate Chalkdown has a delicate apple flavour that combines with a brioche character from the long ageing to create an graceful and refreshing drink that’s perfect as an aperitif or to celebrate any occasion.

Chalkdown cider makes an excellent alternative to Champagne or Prosecco.  It's best served chilled in a flute glass.


Founder, Piotr Nahajski, had just completed a study tour of the Champagne region when he came across an English cider that had undergone secondary bottle fermentation.  Putting the two together he envisaged a delicate English cider, low in tannins and phenolics, made from juice that resembled more closely the juice used for fine sparkling wine than for traditional cider.  It would be allowed extra long bottle ageing before its release.


The result is Chalkdown cider:  A cider that has taken 30 months to create from the harvesting of the apples to its release for sale.


The Chalkhill Blue butterfly was chosen for the label of Chalkdown cider for its association with the southern down lands of England where the apples for Chalkdown cider are grown.  The butterfly can be found on chalk and limestone hillsides in the summer.  In bright sunshine the ground can shimmer with the pale blue of hundreds of Chalkhill Blues, flying inches above the ground, looking for a mate.  We hope that its delicate beauty is reflected in our cider.